Seeking a U.S. Exit? Get on the Right Track!

By Simon Arlington, Murray Indick, Graeme Sloan and Greg Joynson

With tech M&A activity continuing to increase, more UK-based startups are exploring the possibility of a US exit. This chart details the differences sellers may encounter when seeking a US exit.


How to Ensure Your Food and Beverage Company Will Be Ready for a Value-Maximizing Sale

By MoFo ScaleUp Team

You’ve created a great product and built a valued brand. You’ve devoted countless hours to building relationships with key distributors and retailers, designing attractive packaging, and forging a social media presence. But are you doing everything to ensure that your business is set up for sale? Have you taken the steps to address the potential pitfalls—those issues that will reduce the value of your company in a sale or even scare away potential buyers? If... Read more »

Five Cs to watch in Silicon Valley’s emerging venture capital ecosystem in 2018.

By Murray Indick

Murray Indick recently authored the article “Five Cs to Watch in Silicon Valley’s Emerging Venture Capital Ecosystem in 2018,” the first in a new monthly series for the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The article outlines what startup businesses and investors should be watching in 2018, particularly around the Bay Area. Indick details how developments such as the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, increased scrutiny of workplace and industry culture, and the rise of cryptocurrencies... Read more »

Assessing Acquisition Offers from Chinese Buyers

By Chuck Comey and Mike O'Bryan

When a technology company board receives an acquisition offer from a Chinese buyer, several regulatory and practical closing issues should be carefully considered. This article sheds light on issues related to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), Taiwan assets, and more.

The Most Common Acquisition Structures

By Tim Harris

MoFo partner Tim Harris explains several of the most common acquisition structures for startups, including stock purchase transactions, merger transactions, and asset purchase transactions. Watch this video to learn more.

Other Exits—Joint Ventures

By Greg Giammittorio

This article explains why exit and termination provisions in joint venture arrangements are useful, and explores the primary issues to consider when drafting and negotiating these provisions.