Introducing the Public Benefit LLC

By Jesse Finfrock

Four years after Delaware first enacted its Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) statute, the state has taken another step forward in advancing legal entity forms for social enterprises. Learn more about the newest Delaware legal entity: the Public Benefit Limited Liability Company, or PBLLC.


Delaware Considers New Statutory Public Benefit Limited Liability Company

By Suz Mac Cormac, Alfredo Silva and Jesse Finfrock

In April 2018, the Delaware State Bar Association’s Corporate Law Section approved an amendment to the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act that allows for the formation of public benefit limited liability companies (PBLLCs). The proposed new PBLLC statute – Subchapter XII of Chapter 18, Title 6 of the Delaware Code (PDF) – closely tracks the Delaware public benefit corporation (PBC) statute, so its material features will be familiar to most social entrepreneurs and impact investors.


A Startup Lawyer’s Guide to the 6 Top Things a Founder Should do Before Raising Venture Capital

By John Rafferty

What steps should startups take before raising venture capital financing? Morrison & Foerster Emerging Companies + Venture Capital partner John Rafferty outlines the top six things founders should do before raising venture capital in his recent article for the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Read the full Silicon Valley Business Journal article.

When and How to “B” – Responsible B Corp Conversion

By Suz Mac Cormac

For companies considering converting to a form of benefit corporation, several factors should be carefully considered. This article details the many factors a social enterprise should examine before converting to a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation or California Social Purpose Corporation.

Equity Vesting: Does One Size Fit All?

By Jesse Finfrock

There are few things more important to entrepreneurs and investors than managing founder equity and some of the most frequent startup questions we field are about common stock vesting. This piece addresses these questions and explains the fundamentals of vesting. Read the full article.