Early-Stage Financing Structures

By Daniel Kahan

Emerging companies looking to raise capital from outside investors most commonly do so via one of three different structures: preferred stock, convertible debt, or other convertible instruments. Learn the differences of each structure to carefully evaluate which is best for your business.

Howey Got Here: SEC Issues Guidance on Token Offerings

By Jay Baris, Daniel Kahan, Joshua Ashley Klayman and Alfredo Silva

Token offerings, also known as “initial token offerings,” “token launches,” “token sales,” “initial coin offerings,” or “ICOs,” represent a new capital-raising method being explored by many emerging companies; venture, hedge, and private equity funds; large and well-established corporations; and others hoping to raise significant amounts of money quickly and from a broad base of potential participants. This article describes guidance issued by the SEC on this emerging investment tool.

Tips for Startups to Avoid Running Afoul of Securities Laws

By Ali Nardali

Stock options and other equity awards have historically been a common feature of the compensation packages offered by many startup companies to their employees and consultants. Yet many companies are often unaware of the pitfalls of the relevant security laws. This article provides guidance on common security law challenges faced by startup founders.

Types of Financing Driving Impact Investing

By MoFo ScaleUp Team

While investment has traditionally been concerned with optimizing financial returns, modern day choices also include the option for tremendous social and environmental benefit alongside profits. With a number of financing options available, the market is realizing that there's more than one advantage to impact investing. Learn more about the types of financing driving impact investing.