Angel Investments: Equity Investment vs. Convertible Debt Instruments vs. SAFEs

By MoFo ScaleUp Team

You have finally secured your first paying customer, and your personal credit cards are officially maxed out. You have even passed around the hat and asked employees to forgo salary for a few weeks to help make a major revenue milestone. On the positive side, your startup is experiencing rapid growth, and several angel investors believe in the future of your team. It is time to raise capital to expand your business; however, you are... Read more »

Other Exits—Joint Ventures

By Greg Giammittorio

This article explains why exit and termination provisions in joint venture arrangements are useful, and explores the primary issues to consider when drafting and negotiating these provisions.

Intellectual Property Basics for Startups

By MoFo ScaleUp Team

Intellectual property, or IP, is the lifeblood of a technology startup company. IP enhances a startup’s enterprise value by providing (1) a competitive advantage (other companies can be excluded from using your company’s IP); (2) differentiation from legacy solutions and competition; and (3) the ability to extract license fees or royalties. IP can be protected under a variety of legal doctrines – namely patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks. Patent A patent provides the right,... Read more »

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